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Trades in the Motive Power Sector include (▲ denotes a Compulsory* Trade):
  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Alignment and Brakes Technician▲
  • Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer▲
  • Auto Body Repairer▲
  • Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician▲
  • Automotive Glass Technician
  • Automotive Painter
  • Automotive Service Technician▲
  • Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician▲
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
  • Marine Engine Technician
  • Motive Power Machinist
  • Motorcycle Technician▲
  • Powered Lift Truck Technician
  • Recreation Vehicle Technician
  • Small Engine Technician
  • Tire, Wheel and Rim Mechanic
  • Transmission Technician▲
  • Truck and Coach Technician▲
  • Truck-Trailer Service Technician▲
  • Turf Equipment Technician

*To work in a Compulsory Trade, one must be a registered Apprentice or fully qualified Journeyperson. 
Co-op students may participate in placements in Compulsory trades, provided that they have completed and submitted the OYAP Participant form.