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Through Cooperative Education and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, students may have the opportunity to be formally registered as an apprentice while still in high school. For more information about how Apprenticeship works click here.

To Complete an OYAP Apprenticeship Registration Request:
  • Speak to your co-op teacher and your co-op employer about being signed as an apprentice;
  • Complete both the MAESD OYAP Participation and Request for Registration forms in the blue pages of the DSBN Cooperative Education Student Handbook;
  • Have a parent/guardian sign the forms (if under 18 years old);
  • Return signed forms to your co-op teacher, who will submit your application for processing.

 You Should Consider OYAP and Apprenticeship if You:

  • Are interested in training to become skilled and qualified to work in the Construction, Motive Power, Industrial or Services sector;
  • Prefer active, hands-on work;
  • Enjoy developing new skills and working hard;
  • Want skills that are transferrable and in-demand by employers;
  • Want a rewarding, respected, and well-paying job;
  • Want help paying for postsecondary education through government grants and subsidies;
  • Want to start preparing for your career while you are still in high school!

 To Qualify for Registration through OYAP you MUST:

  • be a minimum of 16 years old;
  • have completed 16 credits towards your OSSD and be working towards the completion of all OSSD requirements;
  • be enrolled as a full-time high school student;
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN).