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A Cooperative Education program is made up of a co-op course and the related course on which the co-op course must be based. The co-op course can be taken at the same time as the related course, or after the related course has already been successfully completed.

Co-op may be planned as a single- or multiple-credit program. Each 1-credit co-op course must be scheduled for 110 hours, including 15-20 hours pre-placement orientation, 7 hours of integration and a minimum of 83-88 hours at the placement. Students who have earned cooperative education credits in the past are still required to prepare for new placements through the pre-placement orientation sessions.

Cooperative education and work experience students must have personalized placement learning plans (PPLP) that identify the overall and specific curriculum expectations of the related course that describe the knowledge and skills the student will apply and further develop at the placement, as well as the employer expectations and the expectations of the classroom component of the course that apply to the placement. The development of the PPLP is an ongoing process involving the cooperative education teacher, the teacher of the related course, the placement supervisor, and the student.

Student learning at the placement must be assessed by a qualified teacher and incorporate performance appraisals written by the work site supervisor.